Controlled vocabularies provide a way to organize knowledge for subsequent retrieval.

  • Why vocabularies?

    An introductory miniguide to vocabularies and why they are useful.
  • Organization ontology

    The ontology is designed to enable publication of information on organizations and organizational structures including governmental organizations. It provides a generic, reusable core ontology that can be extended or specialized for use in particular situations.
  • Data Cube Vocabulary

    People often think of linked data as being a way to connect descriptions of things into a graph of relationships, for example to link a school to the organization that oversees it. So how do we deal with data which is naturally presented as tables and charts, things like official statistics or environmental measurements?
  • The Open Data Rights Statement Vocabulary

    It is important that Open Data is clearly licensed so that consumers can understand any requirements that apply to re-use of a dataset. The rights statement vocabulary supports publishing licensing metadata in machine-readable formats
  • SKOS

    A miniguide about the SKOS vocabulary.